General information

What is EuroClaim?

EuroClaim is a legal assistance provider that assists its clients to recover money in cross-border cases under simplified procedure for a reasonable fee.

What is a cross-border case?

A case in which both of the dispute parties are in different countries and at least one of them is based in the EU.

Does EuroClaim serve all EU countries?

EuroClaim serves all EU countries excluding Denmark.

What types of claims can be brought up using simplified procedure?

The procedures can be used for most types of civil or commercial claims related to:

  • payment of money;

  • damages arising from an accident;

  • delivery of goods or other movable property;

  • carrying out a contract;

  • stopping or seeking to prevent an illegal act;

  • other similar grounds.

Are there any civil claims which cannot be brought up using simplified procedures?

The following civil claims are not eligible for simplified procedure:

(a) the status or legal capacity of natural persons;

(b) rights in property arising out of a matrimonial relationship, maintenance obligations, wills and succession;

(c) bankruptcy, proceedings relating to the winding-up of insolvent companies or other legal persons, judicial arrangements, compositions and analogous proceedings;

(d) social security;

(e) arbitration;

(f) employment law;

(g) tenancies of immovable property, with the exception of actions on monetary claims; or

(h) violations of privacy and of rights relating to personality, including defamation;

(i) few other.


What fees EuroClaim charges you?

We charge you two types of fees. First is a court fee that is to be paid directly to the court. Second is our service fee paid only if your claim will be satisfied.

When, where and how much do you have to pay court fees?

You pay a court fee not for EuroClaim, but directly to the respective court where the claim will be brought. If a case is won, the court fee will be compensated by the losing party.

Court fees vary depending from the country and on the nature of the claim. We will estimate the payable court fee before before filling your claim.

What is EuroClaim service fee?

You only pay the service fee if we win the case. If we will not recover your money you pay us EUR 0.

Total amount of EuroClaim service fee depends from the claim amount. However, we let you know a service fee before starting to take any legal actions.

Also, it’s worth to stress that if the claim is satisfied by the court, the client recovers all amount he is owed by the debtor and the latter must also cover the EuroClaim service fee.

Required documents

What details EuroClaim will need to start the money recovery process?

When filling the application, we may ask for:

Personal details:

  • the individual or company full name;

  • personal identification number or passport number or a company registration number;

  • address details (city, street, postal code, country);

  • contact details (phone number, e-mail).

Claim details:

  • what happened, where and when;

  • additional documents supporting your claim (invoices, contracts, e-mail conversations, etc.).

What documents EuroClaim will need to represent you in court?

For EuroClaim to be eligible to represent you in court, we will need your signed Power of Attorney (POA). Depending on the jurisdiction POA might have to be attested by the public notary.

Additional documents?

If EuroClaim needs any additional documents to represent your interests in the dispute, we will notify you in person.

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